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Gardiner's Sign list

Thumbnail of Gardiners signlist Thumbnail of Gardiners signlist
Thumbnail of Gardiners signlist Thumbnail of Gardiners signlist

MdC Chart

Thumbnail of the MdC chart

Tools to help you study the Pyramid Texts online:

Complete English Translation of the Unas Pyramid Texts - Pyramid Texts Online
Complete Hieroglyphs of the Unas Pyramid - Pyramid Texts Online
Pyramid Texts Translation only - Samuel A.B. Mercer
Pyramid Texts Hieroglyphs only - Kurt Sethe
Les Inscriptions des Pyramides de Saqqarah - Gaston Maspero (25.8mb pdf)
Les Textes des Pyramides Egyptiennes - Louis Speleers (21.3mb pdf)

Charts and Signlists:

Hieroglyph/Manuel de Codage chart - Pyramid Texts Online
The Beinlich Wordlist - Nigel Strudwick
Rosette Catalog V 2.2 - Projet Rosette
Searchable Beinlich Wordlist - Paul Sciortino
Gardiner's Sign list - Jim Loy
Gardiner's Sign list - Brian Yare
Gardiner's Sign List - Wikipedia
Faulkner Sign index - Marc Line
Aegyptus Character List

Hieratic palaeography - Moeller
Hieroglyphic Stroke Order - Jenny Carrington
Ancient Egyptian Calligraphy - Henry George Ficsher (10mb pdf)

Flash Cards:

Hieroglyphic Flash Cards - Plan Zero
Computerized Hieroglyphic Flash Cards - Luca Brigatti
Hiero Flash Card
Make your own Flash Cards with Anki

Flash Cards for Kamrin - Vincent Brown
Test yourself & memorise the Hieroglyphic Biliterals


Dictionary of Middle Egyptian in Gardiner code - Paul Dickson (18.4mb)
Hieroglyphic Dictionary - Jim Loy
Middle Egyptian Dictionary - Mark Vygus (11mb - updated April 2015)
Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary - Wallis Budge Vol. 1, Vol. 2.
Hieroglyphic Dictionary - Paul Sciortino
Rosette Dictionary V2.1 - Project Rosette
Dictionary of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs - Simon Hayter (2.9mb updated January 2010)
Worterbuch -
Thesaurus Linguae Aegyptiae
Eglyptionary - Saint Simian
GlyphStudy Open Source Project
Demotic Dictionary - Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago

Online Editors:

HieroWriter -
WikiHiero - Guillaume Blanchard (Aoineko)

Download Hieroglyph Software:

JSesh Hieroglyphic Editor - Serge Rosmorduc
Open Glyph Hieroglyph database
HieroEditor - Mike (rogerrabt)
SVG GlyphWriter
AELalign - Mark-Jan Nederhof
Hierowords - Luca Brigatti
Hieroglyphic Dictionary for iPhone and iPod

An extra 6724 fonts for GlyphBasic
Fonts - Terry Donnelly
The Egyptian transliteration font used by Glyph for Windows
Egyptian transliteration font used for MacScribe
Trlit_CG Times - Transliteration font for Mac & Windows
Greek, Coptic, & Demotic - Trismegistos
Unicode Fonts for Ancient Scripts


Links to Egyptological Language - Michel Malfliet
Audio of the Shipwrecked Sailor - Orlando Mezzabotta
Audio of the Kamose Stele - Orlando Mezzabotta
Audio and Video of the Tale of Sinue - Orlando Mezzabotta
Audio, Video & text of the Westcar Papyrus: Chepren's Tale - Orlando Mezzabotta
Audio, Video & text of the Westcar Papyrus: Buafra's Tale - Orlando Mezzabotta
Audio, Video & text of the The Teaching of King Amenemhat I to his son Senwosret - Orlando Mezzabotta

Additional Resources:

A Guide to Egyptian Demotic Grammar - Leonardo Vieira
Middle Egyptian Grammar - Dr. Gabor Toth, Rutgers University
St Andrews Corpus of Texts

Keys to Exercises:
Egyptian Grammar - Alan Gardiner
Middle Egyptian Grammar - James Hoch
Middle Egyptian: An Introduction to the Language and Culture of Hieroglyphs - James Allen

Word List
Jim Loy's resources
Mark-Jan Nederhof's resources
Michele Moglia's resources

Hieroglyphic Resources for the Mac
Egyptological Computing Resources - A list of Egyptological computing developments, arranged chronologically from 1985 - 2001.

Bennu Live

Bennu says:

There are a lot of links here and can be a bit overwhelming. I suggest printing off a copy of the Manuel de Codage chart as this is useful when using a computer to study hieroglyphs.
If, on the other hand, you're interested in learning how to write hieroglyphs I recommend printing out Jenny Carrington's Hieroglyphic Stroke Order. It is very important to learn a stroke order and stick to it otherwise your writing is inconsistant and difficult to read.
Joining an online discussion group such as AEL is also a very good way to learn the ancient Egyptian language.