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Sarcophagus Chamber East Wall Gable Translation

Utterances 204, 205, 207, 209 - 212 (south to north)

Utterance 204

118: Let the hoers be in jubilation, the heart of Tssw-breast be exalted! They have swallowed the Eye of Horus, the healthy one, the one in Heliopolis. The finger of Unas, the small one, draws out that which is in the navel of Osiris.

119: Unas is not thirsty, he is not hungry, the heart of Unas is not faint (?), for the arms of the Desert God [also allusions to Libya and desert in tour of domain in Antechamber] keep away his hunger! Fill! Make the hearts full!

Utterance 205

120: To say the words:
"O you who preside over the offerings, o you who belong to Plenty, Unas has been directed to ftk, the cupbearer of Re! Re has directed him himself. Re sends him to the overseers of provender of this year. What they seize, they give it to him. They take hold of and they give him barley and spelt, bread and beer.

121: For it is to Unas that his father granted, that Re granted, barley and spelt, bread and beer. For it is he, the Great Bull who strikes Nubia, for to Unas, indeed, belong the five portions of bread, drink and cakes in the Hall, three (of which) are in the sky with Re, two are on earth with the Two enneads.

122: For he is the unbound one being unbound [contrast with cattle ?], for he is the seen one being seen. Says(?) Re: "It is better for him today than yesterday".

123: Unas has united himself to the Moist, he kissed the Dry Seat, Unas joined himself to the Flame, Unas unites himself with the Beautiful One. He is afraid of Shu who disperses and scatters (?). It is indeed the Beautiful One who fears Unas, and she gives bread to Unas. She does him good on this day."

Utterance 206

(Omitted, because identical with Utterance 205)

Utterance 207

124: To say the words:
"Offering of the butcher, offering of the butcher, offering of that which is in the Eye of Re! Offering of the birdcatcher, of that which is in the Eye of the god, the cupbearer who brings water! (Let) the flame burn! The joint together with the pastry!"
Four hands (full) of water.

Utterance 208

(Omitted, because identical with Utterance 207)

Utterance 209

125: To say the words:
"Shu is flourishing. Unas has not taken away his meal! Unas is flourishing. Shu has not taken away his meal! The messengers of the East repeat: "This is your bread!"

Utterance 210

126: To say the words:
"Judge, arise! Thoth, be high! Sleepers, awake! The inhabitants of Nubia arise before the Great Trembler who comes out of the nome, Upuaut who comes out of the bush!

127: Pure is the mouth of Unas! The two Enneads cense Unas. Pure indeed is the tongue which is in his mouth! Excrement is an abomination of Unas. Unas rejects urine [excrement and urine mentioned in Antechamber spells while slaughtering], Unas loathes his abomination.

128: The abomination of Unas is this : he does not eat this abomination, (and) like Seth rejects the poison(?) of these two who cross the sky, these are Horus and Thoth. Take Unas with you,

129: that he may eat of what you eat, that he may drink of what you drink, that he may live on what you live, that he may sit on what you sit, that he may be strong in what you are strong, that he may sail in what you sail!

130: The pavilion of Unas is woven with reeds [pavilion in S court? 'Field of Rushes'?], the plenty of Unas is in the Field of offerings. His offering is among you, you gods! The water of Unas is wine, like that of Re, Unas goes around the sky like Re, he traverses the sky like Thoth."

Utterance 211

131: To say the words:
"The abomination of Unas is hunger, he does not eat it. The abomination of Unas is thirst, he does not eat it. Unas it is, indeed, who gives bread to the Existing Ones, his nurse is the Milk-goddess. It is she who makes him live again, it is she, indeed, who gives Unas birth.

132: Unas is conceived at night, Unas is born at night, for he belongs to the Followers of Re who are before the Morning Star. Unas is conceived in the Watery Abyss, he is being born in the Watery abyss. He has come, he has brought your bread which he has found there!"

Utterance 212

133: To say the words:
"The Eye of Horus trickles on the bush of the Dnw-plant. Khentimentiu comes to him indeed, he has brought him the food of Horus-who-is-at-the-head-of-his-houses. On what he lives, Unas lives on it. Of what he eats, Unas eats. Of what he drinks, Unas drinks. One joint (and one) cake, this is his offering.

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