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Passage South Wall Translation

Utterances 244 - 246 (west to east)

Utterance 244

249: This is here the (hard) [Eye of Horus. Place it in your hand] that you may be sure of victory and that he (Seth) may fear you!
Breaking of two red jars.

Utterance 245

250: This Unas comes to you, O Nut,
this Unas comes to you, O Nut!
He has thrown his father down to earth
he has left a Horus behind him.
His two wings have grown as those of a hawk,
(his) two feathers (are those) of a holy hawk.
His soul has brought him (here),
his magical power has adorned him.

251: May you open your place in heaven amongst the stars of heaven!
You are indeed the unique star, the comrade of Hu.
May you look down on Osiris, when he gives orders to the spirits!
You stand high up, far from him.
You are not of them, you shall not be of them.

Utterance 246

252: See! This Unas stands among (you), two horns are on his head (like) two wild bulls, for you are indeed the black ram, son of a black sheep, born of a bright sheep, suckled by four sheep-mothers.

253. He comes against you, Horus with blue eyes. Beware of the Horus with red eyes, whose anger is evil, whose power one cannot withstand! His messengers go, his quick runners run, they announce to the One-who-lifts-his-arm-in-the-East

254: that the Unique One in you is going away, (of whom) the God(?) said:
"He will give orders to (my) fathers, the gods".
The gods are silent before you, the Ennead has put their hands before their mouths, before the one in you of whom the God said:
"He will give orders to (my) fathers, the gods".

255: Step to the doors of the horizon, and the doors of the Cool Region open (themselves).
You stand there, ruling over them as Geb rules over his Ennead.
They come in, they strike down evil (with magical spells),
they come out, their faces are lifted up.

256: They see you as Min, who rules over the Two Shrines.
He stands, who stands behind you;
Your brother stands behind you;
Your relative stands behind you;
You do not go under, you will not be annihilated,
your name remains with men,
your name comes into being with the gods.