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Passage North Wall Translation

Utterances 199, 32, 23, 25, 200 (west to east)

Utterance 199

115: O Osiris Unas, [turn towards this your bread! Receive it from (my) hand!]
To say four times:
[May the Eye of Horus] flourish (?) for you!
Diverted divine offering: bread, cake, liquid.

Utterance 32

22: This is your libation, Osiris.
This is your libation, O Unas,
coming from your son, coming from Horus.
I have come, I bring you the Eye of Horus, so that your heart may be refreshed by it;
I bring it to you to carry you, (to be) under your soles.

23: Take the efflux which comes out of you, that your heart may not be weary thereby!
To say four times:
Take! The voice has come out for you.
Presentation of a libation.

Utterance 23

16: Osiris, seize every one who hates Unas,
who speaks evil against his name!
O Thoth, go, seize him for Osiris!
Bring the one who speaks (evil) against the name of Unas, place him in your hand!
To say four times:
"Do not separate yourself from him, take care that you are not separated from him!".
A libation.

Utterance 25

17: He goes who goes with his Ka!
Horus goes with his Ka,
Seth goes with his Ka.
Thoth goes with his Ka,
The god goes with his Ka,
Osiris goes with his Ka,
He-with-Two-Eyes goes with his Ka.
You also go with your Ka.
O Unas, the arm of your Ka is before you.
O Unas, the arm of your Ka is behind you.
O Unas, the leg of your Ka is before you.
O Unas, the leg of your Ka is behind you.
Osiris Unas, I give you the Eye of Horus,
that your face may be adorned with it,
that the perfume of the Eye of Horus may spread towards you!

Utterance 200

116: Salutation, incense!
Salutation, brother divine!
Salutation, mn-wr, he who is in the flesh of Horus!
Great father, spread out in your name of "Pellet"!
Your smell is for Unas, your perfume is for Unas!
Eye of Horus, be high, be great for Unas!

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