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Corridor West Wall Translation

Utterances 313 - 317 (south to north)

Utterance 313

502: The phallus of Babi is pulled out (lock of door), the doors of the sky are open.
The doors of the sky are locked, (the way leads) over the fire glow,
under that which assembles the gods.

503: What lets every Horus glide through will also let Unas glide through,
over the fire glow, under that which assembles the gods.
They make a way for Unas that Unas may pass along it.
Unas is a Horus.

Utterance 314

504: To say the words:
"Back, you ox who should be slaughtered,
in whose horns should be the fingers of Aker!
Fall, glide away!"

Utterance 315

505: "Unas is a jan-baboon, a hTt-baboon, a pATT-baboon.
Unas' bottom is according to Unas' own wish(?),
blessedness is on the head of Unas.
Unas will make the jubilations (hnj) of those (i.e., as those) who jubilate.
He will sit among you, youthful ones."

Utterance 316

506: "O hmj, and sHd, Unas does not give you his magical power.
Unas will sit, his back towards She-the-Holy-One in Heliopolis.
Take Unas to the sky!"

Utterance 317

507: To say the words:
"Unas came today, out of the overflow of the Inundation.
Unas is Sobek with green feather, with watchful face, with uplifted brow, rushing up, coming from the leg and the tail of the Great One, she who resides in the brilliant light (jmj.t jax).

508: Unas came to his water currents which are in the land of the flood of the Great Overflow (mH-wr.t) (= the sky), to the place of peace with green pastures, which is on the horizon.

509: Unas causes the grass to become green on the two banks of the horizon.
Unas brings the green brilliance to the Great Eye which resides among the pastures.
Unas takes his seat which is on the horizon.

510: Unas arises as Sobek, the son of Neith.
Unas eats with his mouth, Unas urinates, Unas copulates with his phallus.
Unas is the lord of seed, he who takes the women from their husbands,
wherever Unas wants, according to the desire of his heart.