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Corridor East Wall Translation

Utterances 318 - 321 (south to north)

Utterance 318

511: [Unas is the Nau-snake, the leading bull], who has swallowed his seven Uraei,
and so his seven neck vertebrae came into being,
he who gives orders to his seven Enneads who hear the word of the king (md.w jt.w).

512: Unas has come, he swallows myrrh (antjw). Unas takes myrrh, he wallows (anjj=f) in myrrh.
The nails (ant) of Unas are of myrrh.
Unas has taken your necks, O gods.
Serve Unas so that he invests you with your Kas."

Utterance 319

513: To say the words:
"Unas is the bull of double brilliance in the midst of his Eye.
Safe is the mouth of Unas through the fiery breath,
the head of Unas through the horns of the lord of the South.
Unas leads the god. Unas rules over the Ennead.
Unas lets the lapis lazuli (xsbD) grow (srwd),
Unas causes the southern twn-plant to grow.

514: Unas has twisted the SmSm-plant into ropes.
Unas has united (zmA) the heavens (pt.w).
Unas rules over the lands (tA.w), the South and the North, (as) the god of those who were before.
Unas has built a divine city as it should be.
Unas is the third when he appears."

Utterance 320

515: To say the words:
"Unas has regulated the night, Unas has sent the stars on their way.
The Powers (sxm.w) appear, they honor Unas (with the title of) bAbjj.
Unas is the son of her who did not know that she gave birth to Unas,
for Powerful Face, the Lord of Nights.

516: Humble (?) yourselves, you lords,
hide yourselves, o rekhyt-populace, before Unas.
Unas is bAbjj, the Lord of the Night,
The Bull of Apes (kA ian.w), who lives without knowing it."

Utterance 321

517: To say the words:
"O you, whose back is on his back,
bring to Unas the sfr.t of the offering-meal which is on the back of Osiris,
so that Unas may ascend (prj) on it to heaven,
so that Unas may serve as courtier/ guardian / protection (zA) to Re in the sky."