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Antechamber North Wall Translation

Utterances 302 - 312 (west to east)

Utterance 302

458: To say the words:
"Serene(?) is the sky, Soped lives (i.e., shines), for it is Unas indeed who is the living (star), the son of Sothis.
The Two Enneads have purified (themselves) for him as Meskhetiu (Great Bear), the Imperishable Stars.
The House of Unas which is in the sky will not perish,
the throne of Unas which is on earth will not be destroyed.

459: The humans (rm.tjw) hide themselves, the gods fly up,
Sothis has let Unas fly towards Heaven amongst his brothers the gods.
Nut the Great has uncovered her arms for Unas.

460: The two souls at the head of the souls of Heliopolis have bowed down at the beginning of the day,
they who have passed the night while they made this bewailing for the god.
The throne of Unas is with you, Re. He will not give it to any other god.

461: He (Unas) ascends (on it ?) towards heaven near you, Re,
while his face (is like that of) hawks, his wings (are like those) of apd-geese,
his talons (like) the fangs of He-of-the-Dju-ef-nome.

462: There is no word against Unas on earth among men,
there is no crime of him in heaven among gods.
Unas has done away with the word against him,
Unas has annulled it in order to rise towards heaven.

463: Upuaut has let Unas fly to heaven amongst his brothers, the gods.
Unas has moved his arms like a smn-goose, he has beaten his wing like a kite.
He flies up, he who flies up, O men!
Unas flies up away from you!"

Utterance 303

464: To say the words:
"O Gods of the West,
O Gods of the East,
O Gods of the South,
O Gods of the North !
These four pure reed floats which you placed for Osiris when he ascnded towards heaven

465: that he might cross towards the Cool (Region) (qbHw),
while his son Horus was at his fingers (i.e., at his side) in order to let him grow up
and let him appear as a great god in the Cool (Region), place them for Unas!

466: Are you Horus, son of Osiris? Are you, Unas, the god, the eldest one, the son of Hathor?
Are you the seed of Geb?

467: Osiris has ordered that Unas may appear (xaj) as a second Horus.
These four spirits (ax.w) who are in Heliopolis have written it down in the register of the two great gods in the Cool (Region)."

Utterance 304

468: To say the words:
"Hail to you, daughter of Anubis, she who stands at the windows (ptr.w) of the sky,
you friend of Thoth, she who stands at the two side rails of the ladder!
Open the way for Unas that he may pass!

469: Hail you, O ostrich standing on the shore of the Winding Stream!
open the way for Unas, that he may pass!

470: Hail to you, Bull of Re, you with the four horns!
Your horn is in the West,
your horn is in the East,
your horn is in the South,
your horn is in the North!
Bow that Western horn of yours for Unas, that Unas may pass.

471: Are you then a pure Westerner?
I come from the Hawk-city!
Hail, Field of my peace!
Hail, honored dead who are in you!
Unas will honor those who are in you.
Pleasant is the pure one who is in me."
(says the field)

Utterance 305

472: To say the words:
"The ladder is tied together by Re before Osiris.
The ladder is tied together by Horus before his father Osiris, when he goes to his soul (ax).
One of them is on this side,
one of them is on that side,
while Unas is between them.

473: Are you then a god whose places are pure?
(I) come from a pure place!
Stand (here) Unas, says Horus.
Sit (here) Unas, says Seth.
Take this arm, says Re.

474: The spirit (ax) belongs to heaven, the body (Sa.t) to earth.
What men receive when buried is one thousand bread, one thousand beer from the offering table of Khentimentiu.

475: Is the heir grown poor, not having a script, (then) this Unas shall write with his big finger, he shall not write with his little finger."

Utterance 306

476: To say the words:
"How beautiful is indeed the sight, how good indeed to see, so say they, so say the gods, (when) this god ascends to heaven, (when) Unas ascends to heaven

477: while his power (bA.w) is over him, the fear on both his sides, his magical power in front of his legs.
Geb acted towards him as it was done towards (himself).

478: They come towards him, the gods Baw Pe, the gods Baw Nekhen, the gods of the sky, the gods of the earth.
They elevate Unas on their arms.

479: and you ascend, Unas, to the sky, (you) climb on it in this its name of ladder.
Heaven be given to Unas, earth be given to Unas, so said Atum.

480: He who spoke about it (to Atum) is Geb.
The abodes of (my) office (kingdom), the abodes of Horus, the abodes of Seth, the Fields of Rushes, they honor you in this your name of Duau [bag-like standard = tekenu-equivalent], like Soped he (who resides) under his kesbet-tree.

481: Has he killed you after his heart told him that you should die through him?
Lo, you come into being against him as the Bull (jmnw) of the wild bulls (smA.w), who remained (after the fight).
He remains (jmn), he remains,
the bull who remained,
and you will also remain,
Unas, at their head, at the head of the spirits (ax.w) forever!"

Utterance 307

482: To say the words:
A Heliopolite is in Unas, O God.
Your Heliopolite is in Unas, O God.
A Heliopolite is in Unas, O Re.
Your Heliopolite is in Unas, O Re.
The mother of Unas is a Heliopolite.
The father of Unas is a Heliopolite.

483: Unas himself is a Heliopolite,
born in Heliopolis when Re ruled the Two Enneads,
when Nefertum ruled the human beings (rxjjt).
(He is) one who has no second, the heir of his father Geb.

484: Any god who should stretch his arm (against him) when the face of Unas is turned towards you in order to praise (dwA) you and to call you on account of the person (D.t) of Unas, O God,
on account of his nose,
O god, he shall have no bread,
he shall have no cake amongst his brothers the gods,

485: he shall not send a sending, he shall not cover in his rut amongst his brothers, the gods.
The doors of the Night Barge ( shall not be opened for him,
the doors of the Morning Barge (manD.t) shall not be opened for him.
His speech should not be judged as that of one in his city.
The doors of the Place of Annihilation should not be opened for him.

486: Unas comes to you.
This Unas is a wild bull of the grassland, the bull with a large head, which comes from Heliopolis.
Unas comes to you, the wild bull of the grasland.
It is Unas, he who gives birth to you, who continually gives birth to you."

Utterance 308

487: To say the words:
"Hail to you, Horus in the Horite Sites!
Hail to you, Seth in the Sethan Sites!
Hail to you, Reed God (jArw) in the Fields of Rushes!

488: Hail to you, the Two Harmonious Ones, daughters of the four gods who are at the head of the Great Castle (Hw.t aA.t), you who came out at the voice of Unas, naked!

489: Unas saw you, as Horus saw Isis.
Unas saw you as Neheb-kau saw Serqet.
Unas saw you as Sobek saw Neith.
Unas saw you as Seth saw the Two Harmonious Ones."

Utterance 309

490: To say the words:
"Unas is the thresher of gods,
who is behind the castle of Re,
born from the goddess Wish-of-the-gods, She-at-the-prow-of-the-barge-of-Re.
Unas sits before him,

491: Unas opens his chests,
Unas unseals his decrees,
Unas seals his book rolls,
Unas sends his messengers who do not tire.
Unas does that which he says to Unas."

Utterance 310

492: To say the words:
"Should Unas be bewitched, Atum will be bewitched.
Should Unas be opposed, Atum will be opposed.
Should Unas be beaten (Hw), Atum will be beaten.
Should Unas be hindered on this way, Atum will be hindered.

493: Unas is Horus, Unas came after his father, Unas came after Osiris.
O His-face-in-front-his-face-behind, bring this to Unas!
What ferry shall I bring to Unas?
Bring to Unas the one that flies up, which alights."

Utterance 311

495: To say the words:
"See Unas, O Re, recognize Unas, Re!
He is one of them who know you, he knows!
When his lord comes out, he should not forget the offering given,

496: so that She-who-locks-out-when-she-locks-out may open the doors of the Horizon (Ax.t) for the coming out of the Morning Barge.
I know the Hall (zH) of the Pavilion (mnw) in the middle of the podium (xtA) of the Guardian (jzkn) from which you come out and

497: descend into the Night Barge.
Order then, Unas, order him,
order him to speak the words four times one after the other to these roaring ones who are behind you,
who see with two faces, who speak in a roar(?)

498: which is evil for those who are to be (made) miserable, for those whom they want to annihilate.
(Give order) so that they do not put their arm (in the way of Unas) when Unas turns (his face) towards you,
when Unas comes towards you,

499: as one who says to you your name of Great Flood which came out of She-the-Great-One (Nut).
May Unas not be blind when you place him in darkness.
May he not be deaf so that he does not hear your voice.

500: May you take Unas with you, with you, with you,
he who drives away the storm for you, who dispels the clouds for you, who breaks up the hail for you.
Unas will make you adoration (upon) adoration.
Unas will make you praise (upon) praise.
May you set Unas over the Vulture Goddess."

Utterance 312

501: To say the words:
"May the bread fly up!
May the bread continue to fly up to the seven Houses of the Red Crown !"