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Antechamber East Wall Translation

Utterances 277 - 301 (south to north)

Utterance 277

418: To say the words:
"Horus has fallen down because of his Eye,
the bull has rolled down because of his testicles.
Fall! Roll down!"

Utterance 278

419: To say the words:
"BAbj has arisen, he opposes the (god) Ruler of Letopolis (xntj-xm),
who was protected by that spittle.
This (spittle)(also) protects everyone beloved by me.
You are loosed, o wfj-snake.
I cause Unas to be protected."

Utterance 279

420: To say the words:
"O Unas, I have trampled the mud of the watercourses.
Thoth is the protector of Unas,
when it is dark, when it is dark.

Utterance 280

421: To say the words:
"Doer, doer, passer-by, passer-by,
(May thy) face look backward!
Beware of the Great Door!

Utterance 281

422: Chastise hkw, kbb hrwbj,
O lion of phtj, lion of pTtj, the phtj (and) pTtj.
Give me now, hrw Twbs meat, now!
One pot!
Go! Go! Serpent! Serpent!"

Utterance 282

423: To say the words:
"O this country (xAs.t) Mouth-of-the-River,
this is the place of my overthrow.
This country, Mouth-of-the-River belongs to me, the Gold of the Praise,
It is xaj-tA.w of the praise, this your ox,
the renowned one, against whom this has been done."

Utterance 283

424: To say the words:
"Unas jerks indeed his thumb, the left one, against you.
He gives a sign with it to Min [as god of the eastern desert], to the defenders.
O you who are used to rob, do not rob!"

Utterance 284

425: To say the words:
"He one bitten by Atum (as a mongoose) has filled the mouth of Unas while he twisted (himself) a twisting.
The centipede (zpA) is struck (Hw) by the inhabitant of the mansion (
The inhabitant of the mansion is struck by the centipede. That (should be) lion inside the lion,
the two bulls fight inside the ibis (txn)."

Utterance 285

426 : To say the words:
"Your two drops of poison are on the way to the two poison vessels.
Spit out the two now, as they are overfilled with liquid.
O you who wink, you who are (adorned) with a diadem,
O sSA.w-rain, that the snake may become faint-hearted and the throat of my heart be saved.
Cloud, burst, that the lion be drowned in water and that the throat of the king be wide."

Utterance 286

427: To say the words:
"O you who rush up as the young of the water-pest,
TmTj, Thnw [= foreign countries ?], kbnw, those who glide away!
The Red Crowns praise the tj.w-S(a)jj.
The tj.w-S(a)jj belong to him who has elevated the Red Crowns.
Hail, we two!"

Utterance 287

428: To say the words:
"He who makes his mother nnj,
he who makes his mother nnj!
Are you really in this?
Are you really in this?
Lion, be gone!"

Utterance 288

429: To say the words:
"hkj-serpent, hkr.t-serpent, go away (with) face on the road.
Eye of Horus, do not look at him.
You will not do your will with Unas!
Get away, out!"

Utterance 289

430: To say the words:
"The bull falls because of the sDH-snake,
the sDH-snake falls because of the bull.
Fall, roll together!"

Utterance 290

431: To say the words:
"A face falls on a face.
A speckled and black knife comes out against it.
It has swallowed that which it has seized."

Utterance 291

432: To say the words:
"Your honor (Hknw) is effaced, O White Hole, by him who has escaped the fnT-snake.
Your honor is ravished from you, O White Hole, by him who escaped the fnT-snake!"

Utterance 292

433: To say the words:
"You (...) to the one who attacks, o jknhj-snake.
Your parentage belongs to him whom you have attacked, O jknhj-snake!"

Utterance 293

434: To say the words:
"Back, invisible (jmnj) snake, make yourself invisible and do not let Unas see you.
Do not come in the place where Unas is, lest he pronounce against you this your name of nmj, son of nmj.t.

435: A holy person falls into the Nile (Hp) as a pelican.
Flee! Flee!
Brute, lie down!"

Utterance 294

436: To say the words:
"Unas is a Horus who came out of the acacia (SnD) [House of the Acacia, linked with funerary ritual / mummification],
who came out of the acacia,
to whom it was ordered: "Beware of the lion (serpent)!".
He comes out to whom it was ordered: "Beware of the lion!".

437: Unas has come out of this Dnj.t-jar after he has passed the night in his Dnj.t-jar.
Unas appears in the morning.
He has come out of his Dnj.t-jar after he has passed the night in his Dnj.t-jar.
Unas appears in the morning.

Utterance 295

438: To say the words:
"The panther-cat (mAfd.t) springs on the neck of the serpent She-who-brought-her-gift (poison).
She repeats it (the attack) on the neck of the serpent holy-head (Dsr-tp).
Who is he who will be spared?
Unas is who will be spared."

Utterance 296

439: To say the words:
"TTw-snake (chainer?), whither?
You shall not go, stop for Unas!
Unas is Geb, O hmT-snake,
brother of the hmT.t-snake.
Shall the father die,
the Daamjw"

Utterance 297

440: The hand of Unas is come upon you, the powerful one, the one which is come upon you.
(This hand is) the panther-cat (mAfd.t) which rules in the Mansion of Life (xnt.t Hw.t anx)
She strikes you in your face, she scratches your eyes,

441: so that you fall down in your dung and glide down in your urine.
Fall, lie down, glide away,
so that your mother Nut may see you!"

Utterance 298

442: To say the words:
"Re appears, his uraeus on his head,
against this serpent which comes out of the ground,
which is under the fingers of Unas.
He cuts off your head with this his knife which was in the hand of the panther-cat (mAfd.t),
she who lives [in the house of Life]

443: He draws those (teeth) which are in your mouth,
he saps your seed (poison) with those four strings
which were in the service of the sandal of Osiris.
Monster, lie down! Bull, glide away!?

Utterance 299

444: To say the words:
"The uraeus is for the sky, the centipede of Horus is for the earth.
One sandal (had) Horus when he stepped on the lord of the mansion (Hw.t),
the bull of the hole (TpH.t), the fighting snake (SnT).
I will not be attacked (by it)
for the sycamore of Unas is his sycamore,
the refuge of Unas is his refuge.
(He) whom Unas meets on his way, he will eat him bit by bit!"

Utterance 300

445: To say the words:
"O Kherti of Nezat, ferryman [jnt-rd floor sweeping ritual ?] of the jqh.t-barge, made by Khnum, bring this to Unas. Unas is Sokar of Ro-setau. Unas is (on his way) to the place of Sokar, at the head ( of pDw-S. Our brother of the two is he who brings these dunes of the desert."

Utterance 301

446: To say the words:
Your bread of eternity is yours, o njw together with nn.t,
you two sources of the gods, who protect the gods in their shade.
Your bread of eternity is yours, jmn together with jmn.t,
you two sources of the gods, who protect the gods in their shade.

447: Your bread of eternity is yours,
O Atum together with the Double Lion, who have created themselves,
thier double divinity for themselves.
This is Shu with Tefnut, the two who made the gods, begat the gods, established the gods.

448: Say to your father that Unas has given you your bread of eternity,
that he satisfied you with what is due to you.
You should not hinder Unas when he crosses to him, towards the horizon.

449: Unas knows him, he knows his name:
Everlastingness (nHH) is his name, Everlastingness,
the Lord of the Year is his name, he with the arm ready to fight,
Horus over the Milky Way (sHdw) of heaven, who makes Re alive every day.

450: He will build Unas again, make Unas alive every day.
Unas comes to you, Horus of Khat.
Unas comes to you, Horus of Ssm.t,
Unas comes to you, Horus of the East.

451: Lo, Unas brings you your great left Eye as healer.
Receive it from the hand of Unas, being uninjured (wDA),
the water in it uninjured, its red (blood ?) is in it, uninjured,
its breathing is in it, uninjured!

452: Enter into it, take it into your possession, in this your name He-with-the-divine-ruler's-decoration,
that you may approach it in this your name of Re.

453: Place it on your brow (Ha.t) in this your name of Choice Oil (Hat.t),
that you may rejoice in it in this your name of Willow(-basket) (Tr.t),

454: so that you shine forth thereby among the gods, in this your name of That-which-sparkles (THn.t),
that you may be pleased with it in its name of Oil-of-Praise.
The rnnwt.t-goddess shall love you.

455: Stay, great raft, as Upuaut, fuel of your spiritual power (mHtj m jax=k),
coming out of the Horizon after having taken the wrr.t-(white) crown in the great and mighty fountain-heads in the South of Libya (xn.tjw THnw) as Sobek, lord of the Mountain of the Morning (bA-jrw).
You travel towards your fields,
you traverse your ksb.t-groves,
your nose inhales the perfumes of the Land of Shesemtet.
You let the Ka of Unas come near him like that wig of yours which comes near you.

457: Purify for you Unas, make Unas bright in this your Jackal-lake, o Jackal (zAb), in which you purify the gods.
You are powerful,
you are sharp (spd) as Horus,
the Lord of the Green Stone.
To say four times:
"like the two green hawks."