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Sarcophagus Chamber West Wall Gable Translation

Utterances 226-243 (north to south)

Utterance 226

225: To say the words:
"A serpent is entwined by a serpent,
when a young hippopotamus coming on the pasture is entwined.
Earth, swallow that which came out of you!
Monster, lie down, glide away!

226: The majesty of the pelican falls in water.
Serpent, turn over that Re may see you!"

Utterance 227

227: To say the words:
"The head of the great black bull is cut off.
Hepenu-serpent, this I say to you, kheser-netjer scorpion, this I say to you:
"Turn over, glide into the ground!". I have said this to you.""

Utterance 228

228: To say the words:
"A face falls on a face, a face has seen a face. The mottled knife, black and green, went forth against it.
It has swallowed that which it tasted."

Utterance 229

229: To say the words:
"This is the claw of Atum upon the dorsal vertebrae of the nHb-kA.w serpent, which stopped the strife in wnw.
Fall! Glide away!

Utterance 230

230: To say the words:
"Let your two poison glands be in the ground!
Let your two rows of ribs be in the hole!
Pour out the liquid!
The two Kites stand by [funerary role of two wailing women].
Your mouth is closed by the follower's tool.
The mouth of the follower's tool is closed by the Lynx.
The tired one is bitten by a serpent.

231: O Re, Unas has bitten the earth,
Unas has bitten Geb,
Unas has bitten the father of he who bit him.
This is the being who has bitten Unas,
Unas did not bite him.

232: It is he who comes against Unas.
Unas does not go against him.
The second moment later he sees Unas,
the second moment later he perceives Unas.
If you bite Unas, he will make you one,
if you look on Unas he will make you two.

233: The male serpent is bitten by the female serpent,
the female serpent is bitten by the male serpent.
Heaven is enchanted, earth is enchanted,
the male behind mankind is enchanted.

234: Enchanted will be the god Blind-is-his-head.
You, yourself, Scorpion, will be enchanted.
These are the two knots of Elephantine which are in the mouth of Osiris (Unas),
knotted for Horus over the backbone."

Utterance 231

235: Your bone is (made) into a harpoon by which you will be harpooned.
Hearts are removed(?),
the nomads are in the place of the spear,
they are overthrown.
This is the god Hemen!

Utterance 232

236: To say the words:
"mtj mtj mtj!
tjw his mother, tjw his mother!
mjtj mjtj!
You are washed, O desert. (Let there be) Water! There is no dust!"

Utterance 233

237: To say the words:
"The serpent which came forth from earth is fallen, the flame which came from the Nwn is fallen.
Fall! Glide away!"

Utterance 234

238: To say the words:
"A face is upon you, you who are on your bowels.
Fall on your backbone, you who are in the naut-bush!
Retreat before me, serpent provided with his two faces!"

Utterance 235

239: To say the words:
"You! Ah ah ah! Filler!
You are to rape the two (holes) of the (door) stone, door jamb! The two which are!
I, ia, i!"

Utterance 236

240: To say the words:
"Kebebhititi-biti-shes, son of Hifget, that is your name!"

Utterance 237

241: To say the words:
"Spittle which is not dried up (?), (which has not) escaped into the house of his mother. Beast, lie down!""

Utterance 238

242: To say the words:
"The bread of your father belongs to you, O Iki-nehii.
Your own bread belongs to your father and to you, O Ik-nehii.
Gold of praise, Khai-tau, this is your ox there, the renowned one, for whose deed (alone) this is being done."

Utterance 239

243: To say the words:
"The White Crown should go forth, after she has swallowed the Great, after the tongue of the White Crown has swallowed the Great, so that the tongue is not to be seen."

Utterance 240

244: To say the words:
"The uraus is for the sky, the centipede of Horus is for the earth.
Horus, an oxherd, treads.
Unas has trod upon the walk of Horus.
Unas knows not, Unas is not knowing.

245: A face is upon you, you who are in his naut-bush.
You should be lain on your back, you who are in his hole.
Meat for the pot of Horus, escape into the earth!
O let the beast, O desert, glide away!"

Utterance 241

246: To say the words:
"Spit of the wall, vomit of the brick, what comes out of your mouth will be thrown back against yourself."

Utterance 242

247: To say the words:
"Extinguished is the flame!
The flame-serpent is not to be found in the house of he who possesses Ombos.
It is a serpent which will bite, which has slipped into the house of him whom it will bite, that it may remain in it."

Utterance 243

248: To say the words:
"Two Hts-scepters and two Hts-scepters for two djema-ropes and two djema-ropes!
As bread!
Interlace then!
You should be here indeed, you should be here indeed.
Servant! Take away!